The abyss


I have been looking for something

All my life long

Contriving new ways of fun

To be strong

I learnt to rule people

And make many things

To be like if they were in my dreams


But I feel no calm

Without some light on my way

And all that I’ve done

Just made me going astray

When here is dark

I fall down the abyss again

Just like the caught shark

Can never reach a bloody stain


The endless wall

I’m climbing upon

Doesn’t care of me

I am fighting alone

I take a look up

And don’t see any goal

I am falling again

I am losing my soul


Sometimes I stop

Closing my useless eyes

Imagine that people

Don’t change their lives

But I did and had jumped

Into a fathomless well

I had imprisoned myself

I’d got stuck in this hell




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